About me

I have started me blog as a way of keeping a diary of this diet. I know it works I have been here before but as the title suggests I have gained most of the weight I lost the first time. Not all, but most.

The Cambridge Diet works and is great, you say no to everything except the meal replacements, black tea, coffee and water. No points, calories, counting, weighing or syns. By removing the decisions it makes it easy to stick to. But, there is a cost, (isn’t there always?) It is not a social diet, eating out is difficult, as its going out for a drink with friends. Also the low calories intake means that energetic exercise is not advised and I want to run.

I am part of a running club and they are stating up a beginners course. I have been injured on and off for about 2 years, attributing in part to the weight gain. I have now healed and have shinny new orthotic insoles, I’m ready to run but on 800 calories this is not recommend.

I also wine taste, another reason for the weight gain. It is very social and friendly and I have learnt all sorts about wine. Our classes are term time only, we pay up front for the hall, information, trainer and each week pay a little more for the wine we are tasting.

I could go, I could spit, but I think the temptation of swallowing the grappy goodness will be too much for me. I suspect that if I drank it, the alcohol would lower my resolve and I would end up eating the cheese and biscuits as well. So, for now, goodbye, wine and running and hello shakes.