Busy days

The last couple of weeks have been very busy. I visited my mum with my sister and it was also half term.

I found it hard to turn down a glass of wine at my mum’s so that did not aid weight loss. However, I had for gotten my hand bag and on the way back from Somerset we stopped for a drink and breakfast. My sister paid, I ordered a black coffee, a bowl, water and spoon. I was given a bowl of water, a glass and spoon! I had to pour the water in the glass first. I think I must have received some strange looks putting my shake into the bowl to make a paste. (I make a paste when I can’t use a blender as I don’t like the lumpy shakes.)

We had more of a social life at half term, so again not great for weight loss. This meant over the two weeks I have only lost 2bls. But is it down and I am hoping that this week will be better. I am finding it challenging at present, I think this is because I am halfway so still need to stick to it but not close enough to feel that it is the last push. I keep thinking of different foods I want to eat. Today, I was admiring a jacket potato with cheese and beans. I am not even that keen on baked beans!

Next weekend we have friends over for dinner, it is my daughter’s birthday. She wants to take her cousins out for dinner and has already told me what design she wants for her birthday cake. So I don’t think I will be doing well sticking to my diet then.

I am still running but only between 2.5 and 3 miles, but I am enjoying it and feeling a lot stronger. I hope this balances the over indulgence!




  1. Admire your tenacity, it certainly will give you the desired weight loss, wish I could get the motivation to change my diet, not wishing any wake up calls, it is not drink for me,it is carbs!!


    • Thank you, I know what you mean I love my carbs too. You don’t have any carbs on this diet. As most of the food is just add water, it takes the decision out if it. It makes it easier in an odd way. I can’t think I’ll this now and make up for it later.


    • Lose weight to run, not run to lose weight they say and I agree. I feel better and stronger for it. I am thinking of going up another step so I can run further. Gareth has entered a Christmas eve 7 mile run around London and he wants me to join him. I can’t do the distance at present.


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